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Consulting Work

My name is Nassim Khaled. I have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and 8 years experience in Engineering Management. I am a published author with extensive experience in the fields of automation, IoT, Digital Twins and Software development. I have 32 patents with four organizations. Feel free to contact me for consultancy projects related to digitization, automation and software development.

Digital Twins

As an engineer, I believe there is a tremendous opportunity to improve machine reliability by leveraging cloud computing and infrastructure. AWS, GCP and Azure facilitated the process of deploying digital twins. Developing cloud-based diagnostics for machines is the focus of my current work.

Checkout our latest book outlining the process of digital twin deployment. It is published by Elsevier and it was written by top industrial experts:

Digital Twin Development and Deployment on the Cloud

Automation and Control

I have 32 patents in the field of control and automation. My work included diagnostics, prognostics, autonomous navigation and control.

Checkout our 2018 book that included research and industrial applications of model predictive control (MPC). The book was published by Elsevier in 2018.

Practical Design and Application of Model Predictive Control

Virtual Reality

I have extensive experience animating 3D objects by solving the equations of motion. Deriving equations of motion, solving the differential equations, validating the dynamic models and visualizing the motion of 3D objects is an amazing testament of the ability of humans. In 2012, I published my first book in the topic and it was published by Springer.

Virtual Reality and Animation for Matlab and Simulink Users

Software Experience

I have 20 years of experience with Matlab and Simulink software development. I am ranked as 81 out of 16000 world-wide users per Mathworks website. Most of my software work is confidential and went into cars and supermarkets. You can still checkout the array of free code that I post in my Matlab central website. 

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